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  • Custom "Please Wait" screen

    I'm creating a web form I intend to use over a graphic. The form looks great, as does the landing page, however the plain white "Your message is being sent, please wait" screen kills the concept.   Is there currently any way to change the "Please wait" screen to a custom URL, like the landing page after the form has ...
    Posted to Method:Classic Web Forms (Forum) by g.burghall on 12-09-2011
  • Method API and Objective-C

    A potential client has asked me to interface an open source Ipad application (written in Objective-C) to Method so that his presentation app will insert a lead into Method. I'm not much of a programmer, but I'm willing to learn. Before I invest quite a lot of time learning how to do this, can anyone tell me if this is even ...
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by g.burghall on 10-26-2011
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