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  • Re: Custom "Please Wait" screen

    Is there some sort of a handling for this now?  I would like to be able to have the "please wait" screen not say anything and  have a particular solid color.   
    Posted to Method:Classic Web Forms (Forum) by Thomas on 10-13-2013
  • Web-to-Lead-Form

    In the app, you have a Customization tab, from there an Integration Tools tab, from there a link that says Web Forms that allows us to create a web form that we can use to upload records to the system, from an external page. That's alll very simple and works just fine.  But as part of that upload, along with the simple data like name ...
    Posted to Method:Classic General Q&A (Forum) by Thomas on 10-01-2013
  • I invoice in reverse. How can I handle it?

    Most companies send out invoices and then get paid and payments apply to the invoices.  I get paid in advance and write a credit invoice.  After that, when I write an invoice to send to the customer in Method, it doesn't show the credit and it looks like the customer still owes me money when he doesn't. Am I ...
    Posted to Method:Classic General Q&A (Forum) by Thomas on 08-07-2013
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