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  • Re: Creating a case from an email

    If a special email account were created for support cases only, so that every incoming email should trigger a Method Case, could some VBA in Outlook be written that would automate clicking the 'Add to Method" button in the add-on?  
    Posted to Method:Classic General Q&A (Forum) by b.kennedy on 05-24-2018
  • Re: Item Quantity Calculations

    Hi Ben, Thank you for the answer regarding invoicing, which happens right away. Purchase Orders, on the other hand, are future dated transactions.  What I expect to happen is 1. When a Purchase Order is created, the Quantity On Order on the Inventory Item is updated, but not the Quantity on Hand 2. When the Purchase Order is pulled into ...
    Posted to Method General Q & A (Forum) by b.kennedy on 09-01-2016
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