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  • 10-30-2008 12:02 PM

    MethodAPI Questions

    Joe submitted some questions re: Method API.  An answer will follow shortly.

    "I’ve been working with the API to download data from Method and I’ve made some good progress.  I have some questions:

    1.  I’ve been able to add custom fields to my QuickBooks copy and download the values through Method.  However in doing that I sometimes see fields on Method that are duplicating my custom fields.  A good example is the Item table where I’ve added custom fields for Lead Time and Location.  But I see using the MethodAPISample_GetTablesFields routine that these fields are in the table.  I’m guessing these fields have been added by Method.  Is that correct?  They don’t appear in the QuickBooks database.

    2.  Is it possible to get to the links using the API for Excel?  I’ve linked some reference fields but can’t even get the API sample to work with them.  I get an error message about my logout name and password.

    3.  I see the CustomFields fields listed on the Item table but I can’t figure out which table goes with which variable it QuickBooks.  When I’ve added user defined fields on the Item List in QuickBooks the name I’ve assigned doesn’t come up on the Tables/Fields tab.  But I do see them on the MethodAPISample_GetTablesFields routine which is very helpful.  I’ve also learned that if I duplicate the field name to one that exists on Method things don’t work very well."

  • 10-30-2008 12:23 PM In reply to

    Hi Joe, 

    Here are the responses to your questions!

    1.  These are not fields added by Method, these are actually the fields added by you.  By adding the Location and LeadTime fields to your Method, the fields will always show in “Methodapisample_GetTablesFields”, since “Methodapisample_GetTablesFields” looks at your database and shows your fields.

    2.  Linked fields should certainly show up using the API as they would with any a regular field.  Can you please create a new user for me in your account, and then privately email me the login, password, table name, and fields that you are expecting to see?  I'll then take a look and see what's going on for you.

    3.  Those custom fields are placeholders for the actual QuickBooks custom fields.  You should ignore these and NOT use them for your app.  Since you cannot easily control what fields are in the QB file, you cannot rely on them.  It is best to ignore them and put Method fields of your own in and use those.  This provides you with more control over the fields.

  • 11-03-2008 10:36 AM In reply to

    • jvwalton
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    Hi Kris,

    Let's separate these three questions and focus on #1 first.

    I've deleted fields I've added to the Method Item table.  In attempting to delete the Location field from the Item table on the Tables/Fields tab I get the message "This is a core accounting field and cannot be deleted."  It stays listed on the Item table.  However, when I run the “Methodapisample_GetTablesFields” routine it doesn't list this Location field.  And on the Screens tab the ItemList screen's grid which is referencing the Items table doesn't list the Location field.  I'm not aware of a Location field on the QuickBooks application other than using a custom field.  Why is there a Location field on the Method Item table?

    Interestingly if I add a custom field on QuickBooks it does appear on the grid referecing the Item table with the custom name I gave it in QuickBooks.  But the QuickBooks custom names do not appear on the Item table in Method although CustomField1 thru CustomeField20 fields do.   Seems to me Method should be consistent in how it handles custom fields coming out of QuickBooks in the Tables and screen tabs.  


    Joe Walton
  • 11-03-2008 4:44 PM In reply to

    Hi Joe,

    Location is actually a field in QB for items.  It is only used by the ItemFixedAsset.  So you’ll need to call it something else, like “InventoryLocation”.

    The reason the API wouldn’t grab it, is that it only shows up for the ItemFixedAsset table.  All Items actually share fields in common with one another, and show and hide their fields based on the type of item it is.

    Also, the “CustomField1”…….”CustomField20” admittedly don’t show the actual visual names of the fields that you normally see in the rest of the program.  These are the true field names behind the scenes.  This is something we will look at changing in the near future.

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