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Page Frozen Cant Get Passed It

Last post 09-06-2017 12:17 PM by Method_Ben. 2 replies.
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  • 09-06-2017 11:52 AM

    Page Frozen Cant Get Passed It

    I made a change to the first page after login. That page does the "Method is still processing your request" and it won't stop showing that message. I can't edit the page or do anything. What can be done to fix this so I can atleast get back to the customization page?

  • 09-06-2017 12:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Page Frozen Cant Get Passed It

    Nevermind I think I got it. Thanks

  • 09-06-2017 12:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Page Frozen Cant Get Passed It

    Hi thesolarguys,

    The reason you are seeing this lengthy 'Processing' message when you log in, is because the Dashboard page you are loading contains a great deal of information which all needs to be loaded and calculated for display on screen (in the form of charts etc...). I just logged into your account on my end and it did load eventually (after about 20 seconds or so with the speedy internet in the Office here).

    Try reloading the Page and see if that works for you, give it a minute to finish loading and you should be able to access that screen. If that still doesnt work, open up the Customize Tablink > Screens > Scroll down to your screen and click on it - You should be able to Customize the screen from here.



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