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Customer Name must be unique?

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  • 07-06-2018 3:58 AM

    Customer Name must be unique?

    Good morning,

    We have connected method via API to our webshop and we create leads, customers and sales orders.

    It works fairly well, but we have the following problem::

    If a new customer/lead with a name that is already in use, wants to register the following error message apperas:

    Save Warning: The Customer/Employee/Vendor/OtherName could not be

    sent to QuickBooks.  This Name is already in use.  Please edit the Name so

    that it is unique and save again.

    Why does it have to be like that an is it a porblem of Quickbooks as is said in the error meassage or is it method that can't cope with duplicate keys in this field?
    Is this a topic that is going to be solved some day soon?

    Kind regards

  • 07-06-2018 9:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Customer Name must be unique?

    Hi Dieter,

    The Name field for Entities ( Customers / Vendors / Leads / Employees ) in Method and QB must be unique for it to be added. You'll need to make sure you make the name is unique before adding them into Method.

    Thanks Dieter!


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