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How to identify only modified records from table ?

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  • 10-24-2018 11:11 PM

    How to identify only modified records from table ?


    Anyone can help me out here. I'm integrating Method API to my web application. In my web application I can create, update & delete a contact. After that these contacts were pushed to Method CRM. There again I can create, update, delete these.

    Now I want to sync back with these updates to my DB. So I need to identify which all records have been modified on COntacts table in Method CRM. I pulled list of columns from Contacts table there I can see Cretaed Date column but not modifed date. So always I can't pull all the datas and can't update my DB thats not Ideal one.

    I got AuditTrail table but there also some limitations. So How I can get only modified records / rows from contacts table in method CRM.



  • 10-25-2018 9:36 AM In reply to

    Re: How to identify only modified records from table ?

    Hello Udhaya,

    Currently we dont have a direct way for retrieving Updated Datetime for Contact. However there are couple of work arounds which you could try out

    1. There is a field TimeModifiedAccounting in Customer Table. If your Method Account is connected to QuickBooks, every time you update a Contact, TimeModifiedAccounting field gets updated to the latest datetime. But you have to make sure that your Method account stays connected to QuickBooks 


    2. Add a new field to your Contacts table in Method that will help you to record DateTime of an Update. You could use Method's Customization feature to do this and you could do so by going through our help centre or contact Method Support.

    Laks Sahayaprasath
    Product Manager
    Method CRM
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