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Formatting a date in an email

Last post 05-14-2020 12:13 PM by botanica. 2 replies.
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  • 05-13-2020 3:04 PM

    Formatting a date in an email

    Hello - 

    I would like to format the TxnDate of a sales order in an email template. 

    I've added two functions to my email button on my sales order screen. 

    A date function to format TxnDate and store in FTxnDate:

    And a character function to replace TxnDate within resultEmailBodyMerge with FTxnDate:

    Do I then add the FTxnDate field to my email template? Can anyone give me any hints as to where I'm going wrong, please?

  • 05-14-2020 10:26 AM In reply to

    Re: Formatting a date in an email

    Hi Botanica,

    I see that you have already reached out to our online chat and they have provided you with the next steps. This would require a bit of customization to achieve the desired result. 


  • 05-14-2020 12:13 PM In reply to

    Re: Formatting a date in an email

    Hi Inder - 

    Yes, thanks to your team and Tiffany I've got it working.

    One of my many issues was that at the bottom of my character function, I was not reassigning the result back into resultEmailBodyMerge.

    For anyone else that comes across this thread, here is my complete solution to formatting dates in my email template.

    I added three actions before the Show Email and Send Email actions in my Email button. And in my email template I use the string resultTxnDate.

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