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Method.Classical work with latest QuickBooks online

Last post 04-05-2021 9:27 PM by Method_Inderdeep. 1 replies.
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  • 04-05-2021 2:27 PM

    Method.Classical work with latest QuickBooks online

    we are using Method.Classic and QuickBooks Desktop, it works well.

    Now, to upgrade the latest QuickBooks, we have choices to upgrade to QuickBooks online, just wondering if Method.Classic work with QuickBooks online? and any suggested steps to do this change? or any limits we need to know?



  • 04-05-2021 9:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Method.Classical work with latest QuickBooks online

    Hi Alex,

    Method classic does works with QB Online. We integrate with both platforms of QB.

    When it comes to switching from QB Desktop to QB Online, the impact on your Method account is significant as they are 2 different platforms and there are so many variables in play.

    The quick and easy way is to start a new Method account and connect with the QB Online account and it syncs all your data from QB to Method. Keep in mind, creating a new Method account means that all the customization and CRM-related data will not be copied over to the new account. This will require manual work and our consulting team can assist with that(billable service). 

    With that being said, our team is working on a tool that can help with the migration. But as of now, it is being worked on and we don't have any ETA on how long it will take. It could take months to be ready. So if you are not in rush, we can put you on the waitlist and when this is available our team can reach out to you and assist you with the migration.

    Hope this helps!


    End Proctoring-

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