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Convert Accepted Estimate Into Multiple Invoices

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  • 05-03-2024 11:32 AM

    Convert Accepted Estimate Into Multiple Invoices

    I'm not finding a method to create multiple invoices from an accepted (with deposit) estimate. I often bill in 1/3rds or 25%.

    Let's say I made an ESTIMATE for $1000 with a $500 deposit due. They accept and pay. So if I open the ESTIMATE and CREATE INVOICE, the new invoice only shows the entire amount due. So how do you create multiple invoices from the balance (such as $200 and $300) from the estimate?

    Also, how do you connect an ESTIMATE with those related INVOICES? Is it just with the EST and INV # and our own internal code? is there a BEST PRACTICE?

    Thanks for the help! 


  • 06-26-2024 11:41 AM In reply to

    Re: Convert Accepted Estimate Into Multiple Invoices

    Hi DigiRizz,

    Here is the stock workflow today we have in terms of Deposits.

    Currently, when an estimate is emailed with a set deposit amount, the customer accepts the estimate on the portal and pays the deposit amount. A sales receipt is created for the deposit amount. For example: 100$ = Estimate Amount, 50$ = Deposit Amount, When deposit paid - Sales Receipt Created = 50$.

    When the Create Invoice button on the New/Edit Estimate Screen is used, it creates an Invoice for 100$, with a Deposit Paid line item added to the Invoice for -50$.

    For the above, if you don't want to customize, you can ask your customers to make partial payments to the Invoice which has a balance due of 50$ now.

    No link between estimates and invoices exists right now but can be customized and a grid can be shown on the New/Edit Estimate Screen to show all Invoices linked to that estimate.
    However, you can connect the estimate and the invoices to the same opportunity to establish a link on the opportunity level - but this is a workaround.

    If you want help achieving this we have an in-house customization team who can help you with this(billable service), so they can select the amount they want to pay/invoice.



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