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Invoices and consignment inventory

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  • 12-03-2008 12:56 PM

    Invoices and consignment inventory

    Mindy submitted a question:

    "Is it possible to select a portion of the item list and have this available for invoices on the internet?  I have inventory on consignment elsewhere, and wondered if they could access what I show in their inventory to create their own invoices as they use it… and then have it come into my books. 

    Does that make any sense?  I was only seeing customer, vendor and employee centers listed so didn’t know if items were available too.

    Hi Mindy,

    We'll need just a little more clarification in order to properly answer this question for you.  First of all, how are you handling this scenario currently with QuickBooks?  How do you have the consignment inventory flagged currently? Are you wanting your customers to be able to access the consignment inventory via the Customer Portal; therefore logging in and creating their own invoices?  Please explain the scenario a bit more and we'll be able to give you some better advice. 


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