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APIUpdate- Dropdown fields

Last post 01-12-2009 11:38 AM by Method_Paul. 2 replies.
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  • 01-09-2009 8:34 PM

    • Matt
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    APIUpdate- Dropdown fields

    Is there anything special that needs to be done when updating a dropdown field?

    I've tried passing both the field value and the recordID in the array and either way I get an error that says "xxx could not be found as a possible value to insert. Please check the spelling. "

    Any ideas?


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  • 01-12-2009 8:21 AM In reply to

    Re: APIUpdate- Dropdown fields

    Hi Matt,

    We were looking into this over the weekend and it appears from initial review that there may be some corruption in your database.  If you don't mind, can you please create a user for me and send me the info in a private email so we can go in there and clear your database of any corrupted files?


  • 01-12-2009 11:38 AM In reply to

    Re: APIUpdate- Dropdown fields

    Hey guys - one thing I'll add before going further on that is check the table the dropdown is going to.  Make sure the values are unique.

    Since you are using the API, I could see you doing something like creating a new table, populating it with all the values and creating a dropdown in another table that references this new table.  If you ran the "populating it with all values" proceedure a second time it could have duplicated the values.

    If that's not the cause, then as Kris said, let's get a look in the database to see if there is corruption.

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