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Friday morning question....

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  • 02-06-2009 10:37 AM

    Friday morning question....

    Hi Everyone,

    I received an email from Fran who asked….

    “Is there a way to copy screens/tables so that you don’t destroy your originals?  I tried but wasn’t successful at doing either of these.

    How do you know what fields will sync  back to QB?    or are these the “greyed out” fields on the tables…”

    To answer your first question, you do have the ability to copy screens in Method.  You also have the ability to import the default screens that are loaded into your Method account.  Keep in mind that only the Full Blown Edition supports the ability to copy/import screens from another Method account.  To do this, in Method:

    1. Click Customize.
    2. Click Screens.
    3. Click Copy/Import Screen… (this is way at the bottom of the page)
    4. You get 3 options.  The first is pretty self explanatory.  The second would be if you want to copy one of the default screens from Method.  This would be useful if you accidentally decided to modify the invoice screen in Method and wanted to get it back, you would use the Method Library option.  The third is if you have a buddies screen that you want to copy into your account or you want to share a screen with someone else.
    5. The remaining prompts will ask where you want to place the screen (which tab) and what the name of the screen will be.  That’s it!

    Now for your second question, any transaction fields will sync with QuickBooks and you know these fields are QB fields because you actually can’t delete them.  Geeked Most of the names pretty much give away if they are QB fields or your own fields.

    Great questions Fran.

    Happy Friday!

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