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Connecting the relationship between the Contacts table and the Customer table

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  • 10-10-2013 12:58 PM

    Connecting the relationship between the Contacts table and the Customer table

    Method Team,

    I have setup a custom field in the customer table called "Customer Website".  I need to be able to add this field to the "New Leads" screen and the "Edit Leads" screen.  These screens are connected to the  Contacts table.  I need for the leads screen "Customer Website" field to move over into the customer screen "Customer Website" field when a lead becomes a customer.  I am not sure how I need to set up the relationship between the "Contacts" table and the "Customer" table to make this happen.  It's my understanding linking makes it where you cannnot edit.  I need to be able to edit.



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    Re: Connecting the relationship between the Contacts table and the Customer table

    Hey VLocke,

    Your thought process is definately on the right path; however, I'm going to breakdown your question into pieces. 

    What you would like to do

    1. Set up a field in the Customer table called CustomerWebsite

    2. Need to be able to edit this field in:

    • New Leads
    • Edit Leads
    • New Customer
    • Edit Customer

    3. When a lead is converted to a customer, retain the website information.


    A few comments based on your requests, since the website will be tied directly to the lead / customer you do not need to do anything with the Contacts table (which is great because it means less work!).

    Leads information is actually stored in the Customer table; however, they are distinguished from Customers in MethodCRM by a field called IsLeadStatusOnly.

    For more information you can follow up here:

    How to add the website information to leads / customers

    1. Create a field in your customer table (looks like you have already done this)

    2. Create copies of the afforementioned screens (New Leads, Edit Leads, New Customer, Edit Customer)

    3. Once you create these custom screens, you will be able to see the new field CustomerWebsite  on the left hand side (Insert Fields and Object Menu)

    4. Drag and drop that field into your desired location on all 4 screens.

    5. Start converting your leads into customers and all of that website information should be retained in your customer screens.



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