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FSC Calendar Stuck at the loading page..

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  • 11-04-2013 3:09 AM

    Angry [:@] FSC Calendar Stuck at the loading page..

    I’m having some technical issues which have been a bug for me for a while now but after investing in new tech, thought I had it sorted .. however I’m afraid the problem has reappeared.


    When using my new Surface RT, trying to load up the calendar with a number of users showing or even just a week view, the whole thing comes to a halt and sits in the loading status.


    I used a Demo RT last week and it seemed to load fine, this new one is not any different in spec but it stalls at the calendar page. I'm using Windows RT intenet explorer, just as I did on the last machine I demo'd.


    Any suggestions?  #

    PS. I used an ipad previously and experienced the same problem, but bought this Surface, putting it down to poor processor power, specifically to access the FSC Calendar screen in multi user/multi day modes and am understandably frustrated to have this happening with the new kit., that I've just shelled out hard cash for!

  • 11-04-2013 1:12 PM In reply to

    Re: FSC Calendar Stuck at the loading page..


    Sorry for all of your frustration with this.  Unfortunately the Surface RT, while it runs Windows 8, is still a tablet and won't run Method through the browser like a regular desktop browser would.  You'll run into the same issues as other tablet devices.  Part of the issue is due to the dynamic screen resolution (ie. the ability to change from landscape to portait view by moving the tablet).

    Our current Method mobile screens will work, however the calendar object is not included in that.  Our new version will eventually address these issues.

    Hope this helps,


    Adam Lyons
    Manager of Support
    Method Integration
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