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Advanced Script Filter Error

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  • 12-09-2013 3:13 PM

    • MikeH
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    Advanced Script Filter Error

    Hi, I'm trying to generate a report using an advanced script filter but keep getting an error. I'm using the SalesOrder table and filtering fields Customer_RecordID and ShipDate. Here is what I'm assigning to an action result:

    Customer_RecordID IN (100,101,102,103) AND ShipDate BETWEEN 'Dec-01-2013' AND 'Dec-09-2013'

    I'm then filtering the SalesOrder table with this action result as the script. I have verified that there are records meeting this criteria but keep getting the following error when generating a PDF report:

    Error^Action Sequence Order:19^ERROR: There was an unspecified error loading the report. Please check your Generate Report action to ensure all filters are setup properly, and that the report loads correctly in the report designer.

    The report is based on the SalesOrder table and displays correctly without the filter. Is this the correct way to use a filter script or do I need to reference the table (for example, viewaccSalesOrder.Customer_RecordID)?


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    Re: Advanced Script Filter Error

    Hi Mike,

    Your tables look fine. I believe you just need to alter your script a little bit.  Don't use between and instead set two date ranges.  Here's an example:

    Customer_RecordID IN (100,101,102,103) AND (ShipDate>'Dec-01-2013 11:59:50 PM' AND ShipDate<'Dec-09-2013 00:00:00 am')

    Could you try something like this out and see if it works?

    - Adam

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