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How do I add the CONTACT "RecordID" to a work order and invoice?

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  • 05-08-2014 4:09 AM

    How do I add the CONTACT "RecordID" to a work order and invoice?


    We have a "Refer a friend" program where we use the unique Contact Record ID generated method as the customer's Refer a friend number. I've figured out how to make Contact RecordID visible in several screens so that my team can access and search it. What I need help with is getting that number to show up on the customer's Work Order and Invoice. Again, we are using the CONTACT RecordID not CUSTOMER RecordID. Any help would be appreciated.



  • 05-09-2014 8:38 PM In reply to

    Re: How do I add the CONTACT "RecordID" to a work order and invoice?

    hey Steve,

    I am not a programmer and I dont work for method but I have been thinking about this.  My concern is if you have a customer that has 4 contacts and each contact has a unique number, when creating a WO how is method going to choose that unique number if there are 4 contacts?  See where I am getting at?

    When using a drop down field have the logic choose your contact number as well thats if its in the same table. The customer would show 4 times but you would see a contact name and number next to the choice.   I think its possible.

    One of the Method team should be with you shortly. 

  • 05-12-2014 8:53 AM In reply to

    Re: How do I add the CONTACT "RecordID" to a work order and invoice?

    Thanks John for the post.  You have a good point.  How do you manage customers with multiple contacts?

         The Work Order is actually an Activity.  In a Work Order, the Customer field is actually from the Entity table and is filtered on the screen only to show Customers.  I'm assuming you have the Contact RecordID on the Contact table, so you will have to do some modifications.

         There is a relationship to the Contacts table on the Activity table.  I would go into Customize -> Tables / Fields -> Activity and add the Linked Field - Contacts RecordID from the Contacts table to the Activity table.  This will allow you to use the field on the Work Order screen.  You would then have to add the Contact drop down and contact linked field to the screen.  The other issue is the there may be linked fields from the Entity table that is used in Work Orders.  You would have to use fields from the Contacts table instead in these instances.  (This would be notably billing and shipping addresses)

    I hope this helps,

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