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Report Designer Extra Blank lines showing

Last post 05-14-2014 4:04 PM by Method_Russell. 2 replies.
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  • 05-08-2014 4:43 AM

    Report Designer Extra Blank lines showing

    I've customized the "Simple Estimate" in Report Designer.  I'm almost done, but have run into a couple of snags...Here is the basic layout:

    1) IReport Header showing some basic information and contract wording that doesn't need to be repeated on every page.

    2) Page Header that included a couple of default fields from the template. One is "xrActiveColor" and one is just a line, or box.  If I delete either of these, it damages the Report and the Preview function doesn't work.  So I've left these on the report designer.

    3) GroupHeader1 with some labels

    4) "Detail" band, with seemingly no text or anything in this band.

    5) "Detail1" band, which appears to be a sub-band of "Detail" and includes my Estimate Line items and amounts.

    6) GroupFooter1 which includes Estimate.Subtotal and Estimate.Total along with some text about payments and a "signature" line for customer to sign.

    7) GroupFooter2 with additional text (warranty, terms and conditions, etc)

    8) PageFooter with standard data in there (company phone number, etc)

    The problem is that a large space (nearly an entire page sometimes) appears when printing the Estimate.  Appears to be blank lines or white space between the "Detail1" band and the GroupFooter1 band. I've looked and looked to try and find something that is causing this, such as extra text, etc, with no success.  I've minimized the area between bands as much as possible.  Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  • 05-09-2014 8:09 PM In reply to

    Re: Report Designer Extra Blank lines showing


    When I had this issue it was because a field or somthing like that was outside the margins.  Its important to keep everything in the margins or it does strange stuff.  So look at your report in report designer and make sure nothing is outside those margins

    John M

  • 05-14-2014 4:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Report Designer Extra Blank lines showing

    Hi Dave & John,

    John, thanks for the post.

    Dave, was this able to resolve your issue?


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