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Automated Emails

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  • 11-21-2014 4:05 PM

    Automated Emails

    I'm looking for any easy way to automate sending out emails to customers. For instance, once we process a new customer I'd like an email to automatically go out to welcome them. After 30 days, it would be nice if another automated email could go out to touch base with them and see how they are liking the service. I can think of a number of other uses as well, but struggling to find a good solution. Is this something that the Mail Chimp integration is capable of or is there another solution out there that would be better suited?

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    Re: Automated Emails

    Hello Telly.Rollinger,

       Method doesn't have an automated clock that can perform actions.  You will have to have a user click a button (or some other physical action) to activate a send email action.  You can have a button that finds all the customers who joined 30 days ago and send them an email with the click of a button.  This would be a customization in Method.

       I'm not sure off the top of my head if MailChimp is capable of automated emails.  You would have to check with MailChimp.  There is an article on MailChimp automation that you can take a look at.  With a very quick check, it looks like you could load contacts in Method to a MailChimp list and have its automation system send out emails.  The issue is that you need to manually upload the list/contacts from Method to MailChimp.


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    Re: Automated Emails

    You could also have the actions that send the email run on the page load of the first screen that opens in Method. That way noone would have to click a button, it would check and send as necessary every time someone logs into Method. Altenatively a stand alone program that uses Method's API could send the emails and then use Windows task scheduer to run the program once pe day. I have used both solutions.

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    Re: Automated Emails

    Matt - Thanks. Those are great ideas!

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