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Display format of "Subtotals" of a Grid column

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  • 03-20-2015 3:07 PM

    Display format of "Subtotals" of a Grid column


    In a Grid, I use SQL override for a column, and I enable "subtotals" for this column. However, this "subtotals" is display with decimal point. Even I tried to use CAST(my_column AS Int), it is still the same. Is there any way that I can change the display format for this auto-calculated value? Thanks.

    And, for this same column, I set "Cell Alignment Override:" as Center, but the value is always left-aligned, is there any way to make it center-aligned?


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    Re: Display format of "Subtotals" of a Grid column


    Hi Alex,

    Although the subtotal row will total whatever is contained in your SQL override, you cannot change its formatting. This goes for both alignment as well as number of decimal places.

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