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  • 08-03-2015 4:43 PM


    How can I...

    1. Have my web-to-lead form automatically assign a completed submission to a particular campaign?

    2. Have my web-to-lead form automatically assign a submission date to the lead? I have a custom date field I use already. If so, can I use this or another default field?

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    Re: Campaigns

    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to the Forums!

    1. On Step 3 of 9: make sure you have Campaign as a Selected Field. Now move over to Step 8 of 9: and look for Opportunity - Campaign - to the left click on Edit and in the dropdown choose the Default Value for which Campaign you will be assigning it to. Also make sure it is a hidden field checking the box to the right.

    2. On Step 2 of 9: there is a stock field there you can use 'CreatedDate' - again add that to as a Selected Field, move over to Step 8 of 9: make sure it's hidden. Whenever a Form is submitted that field automatically gets assigned with the CreatedDate for that Lead

    If the Custom Field you created is a DateTime field you can use that as well following the same steps.

    Hope that was clear, if not let me know and I can elaborate.

    - Mortaza

    Morty Barighzaai
    Customer Success Manager
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