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Grid Loop Out of Control

Last post 09-30-2015 8:25 PM by Method_Paul. 17 replies.
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    Re: Grid Loop Out of Control

    Things are still not as they were.  I'm watching items disappear out of a SR line grid when I push the save button. It’s a custom screen with various functions for validation, etc so figuring out what''s creating the issue takes time on my part, time that I simply do not have this week.  Nothing has changed on our end for months/years; and clearly, things have on the Method side.  

    Method as company has to realize that it adversely affects businesses when the platform/app doesn’t work as intended and customers always remember that.  I can’t effectively run my business, nor can my clients run theirs, if we are relying on unreliable IT partners/infrastructure.  I stopped selling Method a year and half ago because I could see these problems coming a mile away as you guys focus on someday moving to New Method.  All I can say is good companies strive to be customer centric, bad ones never realize they’re egocentric. Which one is Method?

    Contact me offline is you want to go through the code to figure what's not working.

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    Re: Grid Loop Out of Control

    Yesterday my Loop Through Grid which was working for weeks prior suddenly stopped working properly and gave me wierd results. So, I changed to Loop through Table, and that helped, but still getting strange results. I noticed around 9 PM PST Method slowed to a crawal, and maybe that's when things were being rolled back. I spent almost 10 hours trying to get my customer back up and running because it hosed 100 users. Yikes. Today, I'm still dealing with some fall out with my actions in this small script not working. Plus, it's showing the yellow status bar of how many records it's looping through and I noticed it did this when I was developing a couple of times, but then never did it again until yesterday when the problems started happening. How does one turn off the yellow message that shows it's looping through records, or does it always do that and I just didn't notice the message?

    David Gutierrez
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    Re: Grid Loop Out of Control

    Michael - thank you for your post and patience as we work through this issue. I aspire for Method to be a customer centric company that provides small businesses an experience and solution that is customized for the way they want to work, and of course is stable and reliable. Admittedly, this doesn't always come through in our execution... with yesterday's release as an example.

    We recognize the time we cost our customers, partners and employees when Method doesn't work as intended. Every Methoder feels anxiety and urgency when we have a service disruption, or when an issue passes through our testing process.

    I believe our Support team has already reached out to go through this issue with you.


    Founder & CEO

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