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Post to Method via PHP / Gravity Forms

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  • 11-03-2015 2:00 PM

    Post to Method via PHP / Gravity Forms


    My client has recently gotten set up with Method and they now need their website forms to talk to Method.  I'm using the popular Gravity Forms plugin on their WordPress site and would prefer to keep using it instead of the HTML that Method has provided.  Since the HTML provided is just a simple form, it seems like it should be possible to just post the form submission data directly to Method in the background.  Gravity Forms has a way to do this -- see this example:

    I have set this up for my client already, updating the key-value pairs in the $body array to correspond with the Method HTML variable names and the Gravity Form field values, respectively.  It seems like this should work.  However, my client hasn't yet seen any submissions in Method.

    Do you have any ideas why this might not have worked?  Should it be possible?


  • 11-03-2015 4:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Post to Method via PHP / Gravity Forms

    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Method Forums!

    I would recommend you have a read through our API documenttation if you havent already, you can find this HERE

    If you have any specific Questions, I would ask that you post in our API Forums and one of our dedicated members can assist. The link to the API forum can be found HERE



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  • 02-05-2016 3:22 PM In reply to

    Re: Post to Method via PHP / Gravity Forms

    Here is a post with a working PHP / Gravity Forms example:

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