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Fill-able reports?

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  • 11-16-2015 11:39 AM

    Fill-able reports?


    Issue: Sending out material price requests to many vendors.

    Problem: Most vendors are not using FAX's any more.

    I have to send out many FAX's to vendors to see if they have the plants I want.  Calling them up takes a lot of time.

    Can I create a report that a vendor can fill in their prices, then resend it back to me?  If this can not be done, is it possible to create a custom portal or web page so they can go in fill the request? Brain storming here.


    John M

  • 11-19-2015 9:20 AM In reply to

    Re: Fill-able reports?

    Hi John,

    Unfortunately there isnt really a way to do what you are describing from a Report, however creating a Custom Portal for your Vendors is definitely an option you could persue here.

    There are a few ways you could tackle this one using a portal, and the best option for you would depend on your workflow here. One suggestion would be set up a portal link which you email to your Vendors that contains a list list of the Items you are requesting quotes for. Then, rather than having this information save into method, you could have The "Save/Send" button for this portal generate a report with the users responses and then email you the report directly.

    Let me know if i can be of any more assistance.

    Thanks John!



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