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Problem with sorting donations

Last post 04-20-2016 12:43 PM by TheLeaves. 2 replies.
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  • 04-15-2016 5:45 PM

    Problem with sorting donations


    I mentioned this in another post but I just want to make sure it can get fixed as I don't think it's working very well - the column sorting of a list. 

    I'm sure this pertains to the Contacts list as well but I've been working in the Donations list.

    If I am on page one and I sort by date, then I navigate to page 5 and choose a donation to edit, I would expect when I hit the "back" link that I will go back to page 5 with the same sort order. But that's not so. WHen I get back to page 5, my sorting order has been reset and I don't even see the donation I had edited. Then, when I try to sort by date again from page 5, I get different results than when I had sorted by date on page 1. This is not usable. So then I have to navigate one page at a time back to page 1, sort by date again, and navigate again one page at a time back to page 5. 

    Is there a way you can keep the sort order until I reset/resort myself? Otherwise this causes me quite a bit of confusion and inconvenience.

    Thanks, Katie

  • 04-18-2016 2:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Problem with sorting donations

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks For Posting. I just tested what you described and can confirm its happening for me as well, and can certainly see how this would be confusing. Ive gone ahead and opened up a ticket with our development team to take a look at this one, and Will report back to this post once we have a resolution.

    Thanks Katie.



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  • 04-20-2016 12:43 PM In reply to

    Re: Problem with sorting donations

    Really appreciate you looking in to this!

    Here is a similar issue. I've noticed this about 75% of the timeif I navigate to a donation on say, page 4, open it and hit print a letter and then Generate a letter, it opens a new window with the letter that I print. WHen I close that new window, I expect to still be on the donation I was working with but instead, the screen has reverted back to page 1! So if I want to mark the letter as sent or add notes or whatever else (make an edit to the contact, etc. or to the letter template and re-print) I have to navigate all over again to page 4 and find the donation.

    I just tested this again 3 times and it happened each time. I did about 30 printed letters yesterday and there were a few times it did not reset the page, if that's possible. :-)

    Hoping you all can work on this one as well.

    Thanks, Katie

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