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Best way to automatically backup QB file

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  • 05-10-2017 9:43 AM

    Best way to automatically backup QB file

    We want to schedule routine backups of the QB file on our server. What is the best way to go about this? If the SyncEngine is running, a backup cannot take place correct? It also stops programs like Crashplan from saving the file because its "in use".

  • 05-16-2017 11:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Best way to automatically backup QB file

    Hi thesolarguys,

    There unfortunately isnt a built-in process to automate shutting down the sync engine at particular times.

    One thing you might be able to look into if you needed this process automated would be be the Windows Task Scheduler. I found a quick Youtube Video explaining the process you would need to follow HERE. This is fairly advanced, so I wouldnt recommend doing this unless you're pretty comfortable working your way around a windows environment.

    The process involves creating a short .bat script which uses the /Taskkill command to close particular .exes on schedule - in our scenario, the Sync engine programs.

    The full names of the two executable files which would need to be closed is -


    Havent been able to test this myself, so it's completely at your discretion wether you wanted to persue this option. One other thing to consider that if you kill the syn engine processes in this manner, the sync engine wont open back up automatically after the QB Backups are done - so you'll either need to manually open them up when you come into work, or create another Task Scheduler to perform the opposite task (opening the sync engine back up).

    Hopefully this helps!



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