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Want to trigger Invoice when label is created in shipstation.

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  • 06-21-2017 9:20 AM

    Want to trigger Invoice when label is created in shipstation.

    Here’s the current process:

    We enter the order in Method. We quote shipping cost.

    The order syncs automatically with Quickbooks – this is a two way sync

    We use to sync orders two ways with Shipstation.

    After the order has shipped in Shipstation, Connex adds the tracking information to the Shipping line item in Quickbooks which syncs with Method.

    See attached with the tracking details.

    This all works fine now.

    After we print the shipping label in Shipstation, the warehouse has to go into Quickbooks and print the invoice manually.

    I am trying to get the warehouse out of using Quickbooks.

    Method has the ability to print invoices, so I’d like the Zap to trigger the invoice to be printed when the shipping label is created.

    Please provide solution of this

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    Re: Want to trigger Invoice when label is created in shipstation.

    Hi Abhishek,

    Printing documents such as an invoice requires a set of actions to be run. However, the API doesn't allow for triggering a set of actions.

    But I may offer another solution used at another customer - have the process all be in Method rather than ShipStation and QB. At the other customer, the user selects the Sales Orders that he wants to send to ShipStation and clicks a button in Method. This button creates shipping labels in ShipStation for each Sales Order selected, sends them back to Method, and saves them in the SalesOrder table. It also creates invoices and emails the customer.

    While it does require a combination of customization and API development, but gets you what you need - both process and 1 system.

    Hope that helps!

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