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donors and tax in the UK

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  • 11-21-2017 5:18 AM

    donors and tax in the UK

    I have happily used the contacts app to hold our customers/contacts/donors. I have set up some tags that work fine and I can select the donors for various attributes.

    I then tried to create a selection of ‘donor, amount donated, by date, and a tag.

    Well I expect you know, I can’t bring in the amount donated and I’m not sure I can create a date range either.

    I had mislead myself as the donor individual detail page has a drop down showing donations in detail with amount and dates.

    In the UK we don’t use the tax letter to sent donors after donations are received. The tax relief on donations is done the other way round from the practise in N. America. Instead of a deduction on an individuals tax return, the charity can make a claim for a tax refund from the Inland Revenue if it holds a declaration that the donor pays enough tax to cover the refund. The ‘declarations held’ are the subject of a tag. A report of those who have submitted a declaration and how much they donated can be submitted to the Revenue and the total tax refund will be paid to the charity.

    That is the report I need.

    Can this be done?



  • 11-21-2017 3:21 PM In reply to

    Re: donors and tax in the UK

    Hello Frank, 

    Thank you for question. While keeping in mind that Method:Donor has not been completely vetted vetted for users outside the United States, it seems like you are looking to do the following below: 

    1. Create a report 

    2. Report must be able to provide list of donors, and the total amounts they have donated over a time

    3. Report must also specify if donor has submitted a delaration

    Based on what's been summarized above, our consultants can build out this type of a custom feature for you. If you have already created a method account, please feel free to send us an email at to book a consulting session with our proffessional services team. 


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