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Debugging Call to Webservice

Last post 06-26-2019 9:36 AM by Tim Annis. 1 replies.
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  • 06-19-2019 9:27 AM

    Huh? [:^)] Debugging Call to Webservice

    I'm trying to make a call to a REST server on my website to retrieve a list of the products and prices there so I can compare them to what's in QB. My problem is that the calls don't seem to work the same from Method as they do from other other clients. I can get the session token, and login to the server, but the call to actually pull the data is failing with a 403 (Not authorized). This doesn't make sense since I can do the exact same call from an independent REST client and it gets results. I even added a message to display the values for token and session id that my Method action script returns. When I use those values in my independent REST client, it works exactly as expected, but the Method call still returns a 403.

    I've read that a 403 could be returned if the request is malformed. Is there a way to see the actual request that Method is sending? Alternatively, is there a way to bypass the form so that I have more control in what I'm sending?

  • 06-26-2019 9:36 AM In reply to

    Re: Debugging Call to Webservice

    How about ANY debug facilities. I have another custom form that just started giving the following message: 

      "Save Warning: The Customer/Employee/Vendor/OtherName could not be sent to QuickBooks. This Name is already in use. Please edit the Name so that it is unique and save again"

    The "Debug" information is useless as it simply tells me which line of my action is having the problem, not the record ID, or the Name. I've exported the customer table, and there was a duplicate name. We fixed that issue, but the message is still coming up the same. I have no way of determining what record is causing this problem without spitting out a message for EVERY customer as I process it. There must be a way to trap the error in the action so that I can display the message only in the case of an error. Right?

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