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Linked Boolean Fields in Editable Grid

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  • 07-08-2019 6:05 PM

    Linked Boolean Fields in Editable Grid


    First, I LOVE METHOD! Being able to create databases and smartly link them together has been incredible. Especially without the time sink necessary for development and just being able to do it all from a user interface... brilliant!

    Now I'm hitting the nitty britty of what's possible and I could use a little nudge. To give quick context, we are a digital marketing agency that does a lot of custom web development and hosting.

    I've built a "Hosting" app to showcase clients websites that we are hosting and give information on their installs (such as providers, payment plans, install status, etc.). As part of it, I wanted a way to quickly identify clients who are hosting with us. So I created a boolean field in the "Entity" database "is_hosting_client". My plan was that when a new install is created, I would have this as a linked field (hidden on screen) from the client entity and automatically mark it as "True" when the entity is chosen in the "New Install" screen. I feel confident with that part, but retroactively, I'm trying to avoid going into each install and clicking this boolean field that's eventually going to be hidden anyway.

    Sooooo.... I added the linked boolean field into an editable grid so I could knock it out much quicker. My problem is that boolean fields that are linked from other databases don't seem to be editable:

    I want this field native to the entity table, instead of some other workaround, because then it would be easier for me to show charts that ONLY apply to hosting clients. Things like "Show me hosting clients with overdue balances" or "Show me hosting clients with invoices due 60+ days ago".

    Suggestions? Am I going about this wrong?

  • 07-10-2019 8:43 AM In reply to

    Re: Linked Boolean Fields in Editable Grid

    Hello MerrellJ,

    The boolean field are read-only by design on the editable grid. The value is suppose to get updated from the table they are linked from. 

    The workaround I would suggest to have a button on the grid and add actions on the button which would update the value in the table they are linked from and refresh it in the end. This should solve this problem.



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