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Email Merge Multiple Records

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  • 01-03-2020 1:32 PM

    Email Merge Multiple Records

    I am trying to email a list of people who worked on a project. The main page is in one table, and I have an editable grid within that page with the list of people who should be included in the email. 


    I can join all of those entries, and I can put that into an action result, but then when I try and merge that action result into the email template, it asks for a record ID, however I don't have a record ID as it is coming from an action result. If I put in the active screen record ID, it errors. 

    So, my question is, do I have this setup correctly, and if not, is there a better way to do this? What is the best way to include a list in an email template. 

    Thank you for your time!Method 01.03.20

  • 09-15-2020 2:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Email Merge Multiple Records

    Hi rollerman,

    I might be late to respond to this query and you might have already find the solution for this. BUt if you have not and for those who are wondering how to achieve this, here is an easier workflow.

    You can achieve this by adding a tag to the contact list or the list of people you want to send email to. Then you can use our stock Email Campaign app, to send emails to your contacts with your desired template. 

    Hope this helps!


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