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Creating lead

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  • 09-16-2021 6:57 AM

    Creating lead


    I'm integrating Method me api in my project to create lead in method me whereas in my project i have lead info like first name, last name, email, phone etc so i'm using contact api to create lead but it creates a customer with basic details and i'm not able to produce lead details from api in method me.

    Any help will be much appreciated.


    Gurdeep Singh

  • 09-17-2021 10:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Creating lead

    Hi Gurdeep.

    Customers & Leads are stored in the same Customer table, and it is more of a master table.  Contacts are more of a child table.  So, in other words, a Customer or Lead could have multiple contacts associated with them.

    When you create a customer or lead it automatically creates a single Contact with it.

    Best thing for you to do is:

    1. Insert a Customer, making sure the field IsLeadStatusOnly is true.

    2. Get back the resulting Customer.RecordID of that customer.

    3. Query the Contact table for the Entity_RecordID matching that Customer.RecordID.  This will give you the Contact.RecordID.

    4. Update the Contact with any additional information you want.

    I hope that helps.


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