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API endpoint for configuration

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  • 03-28-2022 11:27 AM

    • skyzyx
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    API endpoint for configuration

    I'm reviewing, and it appears that while this API endpoint supports pushing data into, and reading data from tables, what I'm most interested in (as a new integrator) is an API-based way to manage all of the configuration of tables and views.

    While the "no code required" thing is novel in your case (you've built a UI that is essentially database/CRUD-L with views), it's insufficient for the sheer number of changes we need to make. Making changes via the UI, by hand, is slow and error-prone, and will take a lot of time. There is no way to programmatically verify the integrity/consistency of the changes we need to make, and this is troublesome from the "reduction of toil" principle of Site Reliability Engineering.

    Ideally, not only would this be a fully-supported API that is exposed to the public, but you would also provide a first-party Terraform provider so that I can commit all schema/config changes as code into Git (or whatever my SCM is). This would empower us to follow our guiding principle "automate by default". This would not only make people like me more efficient, but it would also make your internal customization teams more efficient — which, I assume every company wants. (Yes, I understand that you bill hourly for customization as a value-add to your core platform.)

    This is quite the bait-and-switch from having a "user-facing API" that my sales team was looking forward to. Can you speak publicly about any such API/tooling on the horizon?

  • 04-01-2022 12:46 PM In reply to

    Re: API endpoint for configuration

    Hi skyzyx,

    Hope you're doing well, from what I am understanding you are wondering about the ability to:

    1. Create tables and fields through the API .

    2. Customize the Method platform using the API e.g. creating actions sets or adjusting the UI.

    For 1, We have discussed making the process of creating tables/fields, as well as, querying them through the API. We do have some endpoints for it but have not yet exposed them for public use.

    For the ability to customize through the API we don't have any sort of plans to that effect. Could I get some more info on what sort of specific configuration changes you are looking to make through the API ?

    Mamoon Syed
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    Method Integration Inc.
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