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Job Cost Report

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    Job Cost Report

    Is it possible to write a Job Cost report for display on a screen?  I don't seem to be able to link multiple tables. I would need to pull from the Invoice, InvoiceLineItem, BillLineITem, CheckLineItem all linked on the Customer field. Also can I add tables to a report once the report has been created?

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    Re: Job Cost Report

    I'd suggest you give the Transactions table a shot when building this report, using this as your master table should make the fields you need available. Keep in mind this is a list of all transactions, so you might want to apply filters while you’re out there.

    The Method Report Designer will ask for a master table with the option of adding additional detail tables, these tables set the foundation the report will be built on. Once a report has been created you can modify the tables from the Report Designer by clicking File then Save As. A word of caution, changing the tables might affect previously used fields on the report.

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