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Method for a hair salon...

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  • 01-22-2009 8:24 PM

    Method for a hair salon...

    Would method be a good interface for a have a CRM function as well as a appt calender.  Any thoughts?

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    Re: Method for a hair salon...


    Method currently comes in 3 editions and you’ll be happy to hear one of these is our Method CRM. Here you’ll be able to schedule and assign different types of appointments to the appropriate staff i.e. is it a general haircut or something that requires a stylist and have Method send the e-confirmation to the customer. This can be done from the Activity screen or from the Dashboard calendar which can be filtered by staff and appointment status.

    Aside from appointments and schedules, take things a step further and incorporate your marketing campaigns and efforts to keep track of how much new or existing business comes in through these channels. Just some of the things you might enjoy, best of all customize these screens and features to meet your exact needs.

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