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Archive QB Data But Keep It In Method?

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  • 12-28-2012 4:15 PM

    Idea [I] Archive QB Data But Keep It In Method?

    We have a very large QB company file. Currently it is sitting at about 150 MB. We have about 7,000 customers and about 10 years worth of transaction history. I would like to do an archive operation on the QB file to reduce the file size and make it faster to work with. The problem is, I absolutely do not want to lose all the transaction data. I was wondering if there would be a way to sync all the invoices to Method, then run the Archive operation without causing Method to delete all of those invoices for the past 10 years. We would still need to sync all NEW invoices from the date of the Archive forward. I would just like to keep all that transaction history in Method instead of sitting in my Quickbooks company file.

    Is this possible?

    General Manager
    Todd Companies, Inc.
  • 12-29-2012 6:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Archive QB Data But Keep It In Method?


    Josh, this sounds like the opposite of what Method is designed to do.  Generally speaking, Method is only looking at "current" QuickBooks data, and it wasn't intended to have years of transaction history in it.  Also keep in mind that not all data ia allowed to be synced from QuickBooks to Method, so keeping the transactions in Method might result in incomplete records.  You might also skew your customer balances in Method if you only kept invoices and not payments.

    Why do you want to archive the existing data?  The file size is not outrageous (I would not even call 150 MB very large if you are on a current version of QuickBooks) and you aren't close to the limits on the number of customers.  Are you experiencing any issues with your QuickBooks file?  If so, look at other remedies before you archive.  There are many ways to speed up the file if that is the only issue.  Talk to a good QuickBooks consultant about that.  Start by looking at your computer and network specs to see if there is a bottleneck there.

    If you do decide to archive past transactions, why not just make a copy of your QuickBooks file before you do it so that you'll have the details available if you need to look them up?

    -Mary Longacre


    -Mary Longacre
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