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Importing new leads from excel spreadsheet, need to know how to keep leads sperate

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  • 11-21-2013 2:50 PM

    Importing new leads from excel spreadsheet, need to know how to keep leads sperate

    I am importing new leads into Method from an excel spreadsheet.  I'm still a new user so I have only done this once before.  So right now I just have one group of leads in Method.  I have 2 more lists to import.  I need to be clear how when I import new leads, to keep them seperate from my other leads.  Are assigning tags the only way to seperate them?  These are leads for different avenues of our business, different products.  So i need to keep them seperate and organized when I go to do an email campaign.  Is there a way to assign the same tag to a whole list of leads that I am importing instead of importing and adding tags to each lead/company?


    Thank you for your help!

    Peri Janis

    Sun Patio Furniture

  • 11-22-2013 12:54 PM In reply to

    Re: Importing new leads from excel spreadsheet, need to know how to keep leads sperate

    Hi Peri Janis,

    Tags are an excellent way of classifying your leads for the purpose of creating email campaigns.  

    Associating tags to your leads cannot be done when importing directly into the Customer Leads table.  When you import a record into the Leads table, Method will automatically create a record in the Contacts table for you.  Tags are stored within the Contacts table.  You will need to perform a secondary import into the Contacts table in order to assign tags to your Leads.

    Have a look at this post (Step 1) - Ben describes the same steps that you will need to do to accomplish this!

    We have some further details around importing tags in our Help Center; and also be sure to check out our Import / Export article.  

    To give you an alternative to tags, you could customize values in an existing customer field (such as the customer type drop down) or add a custom field to the customer table to allow you to further classify a customer.  It depends really on how you currently have your company setup.  A word of caution when adding additional fields to table - Going down this route would mean you will have to customize additional screens/grids to ensure the new field is available to your end users ... This might end up being more work than using the import/export process as described above.


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