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Inventory Adjustments Screen, Change QB Sample File Default Date, Destroying Screens

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  • 07-31-2008 9:05 PM

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    Inventory Adjustments Screen, Change QB Sample File Default Date, Destroying Screens

    Hi All,

    The Inventory Adjustments Screen seems to update QB instantly, but I don't see the inventory added to the item in the Method Item List.
    Does anyone else in the commjnity work with inventory?

    After destroying the screen, I decided to get a copy of the original and try it and see what it did in QB before I made any adjustments and destroyed another one - so I brought in 2 copies. The enter sales orders is very fast in both Method and QB. So I was surprised when the Inventory Adjustments did not update the On Hand qty in Method at all as yet, but did update QB.

    I'm working with the QB sample file and QB is working in year 2011 or so, but Method is using todays date and I have to keep changing the reports to "ALL" to get the my test data to show.  Does anyone know how to change the date in the QB sample file?

    I plan to make several Inventory adjustment screens and it would be nice to duplicate (clone) right in Method, especially when there are minor changes.

    When I look at a screen's details - Method automatically assumes there is a change? I'm trying hard to just look at the settings, but can't be sure I didn't inadvertedly change something.  And there is no choice except to publish.  Is ther a way to back out so you know you didn't change it? A cancel button or perhaps a view details only would be helpful.

    Thanks, Pat 





  • 08-07-2008 8:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Inventory Adjustments Screen, Change QB Sample File Default Date, Destroying Screens

    Hey Pat - sorry for the delay in getting back to you. 

    We looked into it, and you are correct, the inventory adjustments did not update the Quanity On Hand in method.  Similarily, making an inventory adjustment in QuickBooks directly would not update the Quantity On Hand in Method.  Furthermore, sales orders, invoices, bills, etc, did not update the Quantity On Hand, Quantity On Order or Quantity On Sales Order.  So that was bad news for inventory people like yourself.  That's why we have beta ;) 

    Good news is that all the above is all changed now.  No need to create a new account, or publish new screens, it will start happening automatically.  A little inside scoop - you'll actually first see the Quanity On Hand set to empty initially, and wait for QuickBooks to update it with an updated quantity.  This ensures that you are getting accurate numbers, but the downside is that if QB is not connected to Method you won't see updated quantities until it connects again.

    Sample date in QuickBooks - don't think there is a way to change that.  Best thing to do is create your own sample file, or just create and rename a backup of your real QB file and use that instead.  Just make sure you know which file you are using when you are using QuickBooks so you don't by mistake type in real data into a dummy file!!


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