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Vendor Tax ID issue

Last post 04-17-2015 8:43 AM by Method_Audisho. 1 replies.
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  • 04-16-2015 7:05 PM

    Vendor Tax ID issue

    I exported my vendors out of Method, did a little bulk work on them, and then attempted to import them back.  All but 6 succeeded.  Those that failed had the following error:

    Error:xxx-xx-xxxx is too long for insertion (11 characters). The value must be 10 characters or less.

    The x's were originally the vendor's SSN.  The VendorTaxIdent field needs to be adjusted to accept 11 characters, because a tax ID can be either an EIN (10 characters) or an SSN (11 characters). 

    QuickBooks accepts both an EIN as xx-xxxxxxx and an SSN as xxx-xx-xxxx.  Apparently so does Method, at least on a sync, because I did not enter these into Excel.  They were already in Method using the SSN format.


  • 04-17-2015 8:43 AM In reply to

    Re: Vendor Tax ID issue


    Hi Mario,

    While the VendorTaxIdent field is listed as 10 characters in the table, it appears to accept up to 15 characters on the vendor screen in Method. I was able to manually input an SSN format xxx-xx-xxxx and it synced over to QuickBooks (QB) fine.

    I then exported the vendor and tried to re-import it. Sure enough, I received the same error you did. It appears that the import tool is checking against the listed field size and not the actual field size.

    I believe that this is the result of a change in the size of the QB field. Our fields are designed to match the size of QB fields. QB must have changed the size of this field at some point and we did the same as a result. Unfortunately, it appears that the listed size does not reflect this change and is causing this error when you perform an import.

    Did your bulk work include any changes to this field? If not, you can simply choose not to import this field by either deleting it from the CSV file or selecting Do Not Import on the Prepare Data step. This will maintain the current value that is already in Method / QB.

    I hope this helps.


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