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Tab list (screen) order

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  • 11-02-2015 1:01 PM

    Tab list (screen) order

    As you can tell from the many posts I have here, we are continuing to work on customizing Method to meet our needs. In this case, we are copying the default Method screens and creating our own custom versions from them.

    My question is: I do not see a way to specity the order of Tab Links on each screen, or to replace default screens with custom ones. Is this option not available? I tried looking through the Help Center and cannot find anything related to this.



  • 11-02-2015 3:53 PM In reply to

    Re: Tab list (screen) order

    Hi Jason

    You can do what you are describing by navigating to  the Customize tab, and clicking on the Tabs tab link.

    From here click on Edit Tab Links... for the Tab you are attempting to reorder the tab links for.

    On the Scren which pops up, you can Change which screen will be opened when clicking on a particular tab link by selecting the dropdown beside that Tab Links Name(underneath the column labelled Opens Screen) . You can also edit the order which these Tab Links will appear by using the up and down arrows on the Right hand side of this Screen. (Located between Move and Delete)

    Thanks Jason!


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    Re: Tab list (screen) order

    Thanks! It was hiding from me!

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