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New! Email Campaigns App

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  • 11-12-2015 10:36 AM

    New! Email Campaigns App

    Email Campaigns AppWe know email marketing is a cost-effective tool small businesses want in their arsenal for connecting with customers and leads. This is why we’re excited to tell you about the new Email Campaigns app — an easy and efficient way to send bulk emails to your contacts.

    What is it?

    Email Campaigns is an app that enables you to quickly create and send out bulk emails to filtered contact lists directly from within your Method account.

    Why should I be psyched?

    With the Email Campaigns app, you can stay connected with customers to keep them coming back, create new business by following up with leads, or invite donors to an upcoming event if you’re a nonprofit.  

    Without leaving your Method account, you create an email (or use an existing template), filter your contacts, schedule a follow-up activity, and hit send.

    Today, you’re probably doing one of three things. You’re not using bulk email in your business; you’re hacking together email marketing through manual processes rife with human error; or, you’re using another program, which involves time-consuming exporting and importing, since it's not integrated with your CRM.    

    With the Email Campaigns app, you’re not switching between multiple programs and you’re not moving your data back and forth. Emails are sent directly from within Method, so the lists you create remain up-to-date as contacts are updated in Method. And, your internal process remains streamlined with follow-up activities connected to each email campaign.   

    How can I use the Email Campaigns app?


    To illustrate the many ways you can use Method’s Email Campaigns app, allow me to introduce you to Casey, a small business owner like you! And like you, Casey wears many hats while running her dog walking business, Puppy Pals.

    Puppy Pals Logo1) Keep Customers Informed and Returning to Your Business


    With the holiday season approaching, Casey knows she’s going to get customers calling and emailing in with questions about her company’s hours in December. Anticipating the needs of her customers, Casey whips up a quick email campaign in Method to let her customers know the Puppy Pals holiday schedule, and reminds customers of her boarding service for those planning a trip. Customers stay informed, and Casey’s team is on top of bookings for December.


    2) Keep Hot Leads from Going Cold

    Casey’s team recently exhibited at the local Dog Show and now has an extensive list of leads. To follow up on all this business opportunity, Casey creates an email campaign and pulls her recipient list by filtering only those contacts with a status of “Lead”. She offers a discount on their first dog walking service, and schedules another team member to follow up with these leads by adding an Activity to her email campaign.  

    3) Keep Your Accounts Receivables in Check

    Casey doesn’t like when her Accounts Receivables keeps her up at night, so instead of calling customers with outstanding balances (and once again getting their voicemail!), she create an email campaign. She reminds her customers to settle up their invoices by using the AR email template she created in the Email Campaigns app and creates her list of recipients by filtering contacts to those who have an outstanding balance in Method or QuickBooks.       

    I hope these examples from Puppy Pal have given you some inspiration for how you can take advantage of the Email Campaigns app in your small business.  

    If Casey’s story doesn’t convince you of the power (and convenience) of bulk emailing, how about a little data? According to MarketingSherpa, 91% of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. Meanwhile, McKinsey reports that email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping a business acquire new customers.

    How do I get started?

    For the full step-by-step ‘How-To’, check out our Email Campaigns documentation or watch our tutorial video.

    To get started using the Email Campaigns app, start from your Method dashboard and hover over the left navigation menu:

    1. Click Install Apps (second last icon) and select the Email Campaign pack

    2. Click Add Pack

    3. Click Email Campaigns and check off the Access Permission for yourself and others

    4. Click Install button

    If you’re not yet a Method user, start a 30-day trial today!  

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