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  • 04-20-2016 10:55 AM


    Can someone tell me if Method is compatible with Qbox?  I understand that Method only syncs with Quickbooks on the computer that both the QB company file and the Method Intergration Engine are installed and open.  Can I safely assume that if I use Qbox and have closed the QB file on the pc that has Method Intergration Engine then use the QB file on my laptop which then syncs back to Qbox before I open it again on the original pc with the M.I.E., Once that QB file is opened any and all changes will sync with Method? 

    I have been using Qbox for other company files and it works well.  It locks the QB company file when I open it on laptop or pc so there is no chance of accidentially opening it on two computers at once.  I would like very much to be able to do so with the company file that syncs with Method.

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    Re: Qbox

    Hi Maureen,

    Regarding Compatibilty, we cant officially support syncing or integration with a file hosted on QBox. That being said, it may still work if Im understanding your setup correctly.

    You have a a multi-user mode QuickBooks file with;

    • One installation on a local PC, along with the Method Integration Engine
    • A second QB file installed on your Laptop which then syncs to QBox
    In the above scenario above, the syncing Should still take place with your QBox hosted file, but you will lose the ability to sync in real time. Any changes made to the QuickBooks file on QBox, or the Second Laptop will not be reflected in Method until the next Full-Sync occurs (typically the next day). The reason being is that Records need to be 'Flagged' as having been changed or added/updated, and Method will not know a change has taken place elsewhere until a line-by-line comparison (aka a Full Syncronization) occurs.

    Another point of note: If QBox locks down the QuickBooks file while someone is accessing it, the Sync from Method > QuickBooks will not take place during this time. The Engine and the File Both need to be open and logged in on your local machine for the synchronization to occur in any capacity.

    Let me know if you have any further questions! Smile

    Ben Hargreaves
    Senior Support Specialist
    Toll Free: 1.888.925.6238
    Local & Overseas: 416.847.0400
    Fax: 416.640.6027
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