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Working with QuickBooks Groups

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  • 09-07-2016 4:19 PM

    Working with QuickBooks Groups

    We use QuickBooks and Method CRM together and we are creating groups of items from various vendors that we sell as one packaged item. We don't want our customer to see all the individual items, just the one package we sell, with a price and description. I know when setting up the group there is the option to "print items in group" but we always leave that unchecked, but all the individual items still show up on our Sales there a way to avoid having all these items show up on the customer quotation and sales order? Thanks for any help with this!

  • 09-08-2016 12:02 PM In reply to

    Re: Working with QuickBooks Groups

    I found a solution buried on another thread. It had to do with Method Report Designer. The solution is copied below...

    With regards to hiding the group items on a report, you'll need to modify the Estimate report. You can use the existing Estimate report and edit the DetailReport section. Add a Filter String, so that EstimateLineGroupRecordID is less than 1. This means that it would return 0 record for the items in a group on the report.

    In your case since you are not checking 'Print items in group' then you don't have to worry about a second condition. For other users, who may be using a combination of showing items in a group and for some groups you do not show their items, you would want to add another filter where IsPrintItemsInGroup equals true.

    Hope this helps.

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