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We figured out a simple way to measure lot sizes

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  • 02-21-2017 8:20 PM

    We figured out a simple way to measure lot sizes

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share something as I'm quite thrilled with it.

    We're in the lawn care business and use lot sizes to calculate our pricing. We found a way to measure using a third-party site from within Method. If anyone needs to measure lot sizes, here's how to do it!

    1. Create a button where you want to launch the measurement tool. Place it in a screen where you can access billing/shipping info.

    2. Create a Character Function that joins '' with your 'BillingAddress2', then Text='+', then 'BillAddressCity', then Text='+', then either BillState or enter your state/prov as a text field if you only operate out of one. Save the result in an Action Result. Use Ship fields instead of Billing fields if appropriate.

    3. Add a 'Go to web page' action that uses your Action Result as the URL.

    Now, when you click on the button, you launch the measurement tool, centered on your customer! You can then click on the bounderies to measure your lot size, lawn, roadway, etc.

    The only downside to this tool is that you can not automatically relay the size back to Method. Also, you can not save your outline. You will have to make note of it right away and enter it into your field of choice when you return back to Method.

    Cool, eh?

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    Re: We figured out a simple way to measure lot sizes

    Thanks for sharing! Love hearing about scenarios like this.

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    Re: We figured out a simple way to measure lot sizes

    Wow GroGreen, 

    Thanks so much for sharing this! You inspired me to solve a challenge that I previously had regarding customer documents. Our documents are stored in a SharePoint library (Office 365) with the file structure:"customer's name". I created a button that joins the beginning of the URL with the [CompanyName] listed in Method. I can now access the customer's documents with one click from Method. Awesome!

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