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  • Unexpected authentication error

    We got the following error message around 2020-02-04T04:15:01: Failure. The API could not validate your log in. Please make sure you have entered the correct Company Account, User and Password, and that each are spelt correctly. Also, ensure that this User has been configured for Method API access by going to Customize > Users, editing ...
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by hanwell on 02-04-2020
  • Re: SOAP Server Periodically Unavailable

    After further investigation, it appears that the request is timing out because the SOAP server is not respoding after 60 seconds. We are extending the timeout to 5 minutes and monitoring slow SOAP calls.
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by hanwell on 02-04-2020
  • SOAP Server Periodically Unavailable

    We are running nightly batch processes. However, we are periodically getting errors that the SOAP server is unavailable. This has commonly been happening on Sundays. Is there a scheduled maintenance window for the SOAP API interface that we should be aware of?
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by hanwell on 02-03-2020
  • Error inserting EstimateLine items

    We recently started using the API to insert EstimateLine items. However, it's returning the following error for some items: The MethodAPIInsertV2 call failed: 191 could not be found as a possible value to insert. This is occurring for other items in addition to #191. This is our first time attempting to insert EstimateLine items via ...
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by hanwell on 01-06-2020
  • MethodAPIInsertV2 fails even when required field is specified

    Occasionally when I'm trying to insert a record into one of my tables, I'll get an error like this: Not all required fields are present. Required field MyFieldRef is not passed for the table MyTable However, I'm passing the same value to this call as to all of the OTHER calls where they succeed. Unfortunately, I haven't been able ...
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by hanwell on 10-30-2019
  • MethodAPISelect_DataSetV2 does not return all records

    I hvae a MethodAPISelect_DataSetV2 call to extract all data from the Contacts table to sync with an external system. I'm currently pulling 18 fields (including some custom ones). However, it's not returning all records. If I remove a field, it returns all data. Does this function have some kind of limitation on the amount of data it ...
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by hanwell on 10-30-2019
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