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  • Re: API error message "There was an error in MethodAPIinsertV2"

    Its looking for the RecordID(integer) of the purchase order that this line belongs to.   A good idea when using the API is to review the tables you are trying to insert into in Method.  The table UI in Method will show you the required fields, what table they come from if relelvant, and the type.
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by v.cameron on 10-26-2018
  • Re: Quickbooks CustomerShipToAddress Table

    Nope - that table isn't available on the SDK.  I create a new one in Method for clients that need that functionality.
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by v.cameron on 01-05-2018
  • Re: Auto transfer screens

    The only way I know to transfer screens as an entire tab group into multiple accounts  is to become an App in Method's app store.  Which I think is closed for Classic.  Out of curiosity, can I ask why you are customizing in Classic?
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by v.cameron on 12-18-2017
  • Re: Importing data into Excel using API

    This is huge - thanks , Peter for working on this!
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by v.cameron on 08-15-2017
  • Initial thoughts

    Very nice!  A few comments:  (you knew I'd have them) If I try to start it with the wifi on, I get a message saying No Internet access.  Turning off the wireless on my phone, the app loads?  Never seen this behavior before in an app.  (I double-checked my wireless by turning off cell access and checking other aps; ...
    Posted to Mobile App Beta (Forum) by v.cameron on 06-17-2016
  • Re: Unable to Download App

    Okay - thanks for the clarification.   In the past I've tested other iOS apps with TestFlight -which seemed simplier.  However, it figures a bunch of Canadians would use something called HockyApp.
    Posted to Mobile App Beta (Forum) by v.cameron on 06-17-2016
  • Re: Method’s New and Improved Design

    Love the new design and working with it on the back end!  Its so beautfiul, and fast!  Of course, I have a few suugestions:  :) if the font were slightly heavier, it would be easier to read on my laptop. I wish I could reorder tiles on the dashboard, wso the ones I use the most are on the top. I wish I could hide ...
    Posted to Method General Q & A (Forum) by v.cameron on 12-03-2015
  • Re: Need Attachment Location in the send email action - significant limitation

    Any update on when this might be available.?  This is a very often used feature in my customizations of Method: Classic and a significant limitation to customizing in Method:New.
    Posted to Known issues (Forum) by v.cameron on 11-30-2015
  • Re: QBO Time Entry Sync Issues

    Mortaza is partially correct - the HasBeenBilled Status can't be updated by Method.  (this is an QB API limitation, not Methods)  But just putting them on an invoice in Method won't change the status, you have to physically do that in QB (drag them from the tray) to get the HasBeenBilled to be changed. ...
    Posted to Method General Q & A (Forum) by v.cameron on 10-15-2015
  • Re: Grid Loop Out of Control

    Wish we could go back to the days of stage sites for these kinds of updates.  I shudder to think what could have happened had this update gone out, say tomorrow, when our clients run a bunch of start of the month routines like sending out recurring invoices and sales receipts to their customers.  Can you imagine what they might ...
    Posted to Method:Classic General Q&A (Forum) by v.cameron on 09-30-2015
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