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  • Re: custom field on lead, convert to customer

    Hi mholden, Leads are actually stored in the Customer table, which in turn is just a view of the Entity table. The entity table stores all customers, leads, employees and vendors. The only difference between a lead and a customer is that a lead has a value of Yes in the IsLeadStatusOnly field. When you convert a lead to a customer, Method ...
  • Re: missing Vendor Tab

    Hi mholden, By default, the Vendors tab is located in the QuickBooks tab group. You can find the QuickBooks tab group by hovering your cursor over the current tab group (this is to the left of your username in the top right hand corner of the screen) and selecting QuickBooks from the dropdown menu. If you would like to be able to access the ...
  • Re: Emailing estimates not working?

    Hi Grif, I tested this on my account and the email that is sent includes a link to the customer&rsquo;s guest page. When I originally tried to send the email, I received an error that I needed to make the &lsquo;Guest - View Estimate&rsquo; screen public by navigating to Manage Apps -&gt; Estimates -&gt; Edit App -&gt; Guest - View Estimate ...
    Posted to Method Beta General Q & A (Forum) by Method_Audisho on 11-27-2014
  • Re: Reports and API returning wrong time

    As I discussed over the phone with Nick, the reason that this occurs is that the API relays all time in UTC and any time zone calculations need to be done by the application that is using the API. Dev&nbsp;- Can you please comment on this post and possibly point Nick&nbsp;in the right direction with regards to dynamically having his website ...
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by Method_Audisho on 11-24-2014
  • Re: Reports and API returning wrong time

    Hi Nick, You called our&nbsp;support line and we created a case for this. For anyone who may be looking at this post, it appears the API may not be correcting for daylight savings time. We are looking into this and I will update this thread once I have more information. -Audisho
    Posted to Method:API Q&A (Forum) by Method_Audisho on 10-21-2014
  • Re: I cant create new documents.

    Hi wildliferemoval, Follow the steps listed in Help Center Solution No. 429 and regenerate the DocumentLibrary, DocumentLibraryFolder &amp; DocumentLibraryLink tables. This should resolve the issue. Hope this helps. -Audisho
  • Re: You can see/use Gmail Gadget on iOS & Android

    RadioGuru, I cannot give you a release date for the new version of Method as we have not yet released this publicly. I also cannot tell you what issues you will run into as it can be very unpredictable and this is the reason I do not recommend using the desktop version on a mobile browser. You can do customization to mobile screens and create ...
  • Re: You can see/use Gmail Gadget on iOS & Android

    Hi RadioGuru, I would not recommend using the desktop version of Method in a mobile browser. When we built the desktop version of Method, we did not have mobile in mind at the time. The desktop version uses the iframe element, which is not supported by mobile browsers. If you continue to use the desktop version in a mobile browser you will likely ...
  • Re: Initial Setup with Partner Host Headache

    Hi Scott, I tried calling you but it went to voicemail so I left you a message. In order for Right Networks to sync properly with Method, we need to turn on roaming for your account, which I did for you when I left you the voicemail. The reason for this is that every time you login to RN, Method identifies this as a different computer. For ...
  • Re: All tags not showing

    Hi Jen, The link you posted is broken so I am unable to see exactly what you are having issues with. Tags that you create will only show up for the specific table you created them on. If you did not create the tag for contacts, but you created it for an opportunity for example, you will not see this tag in contacts. To add a new tag, simply ...
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