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  • 02-19-2014 12:45 PM

    • MikeH
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    Method Errors

    Over the last couple of days I have been getting an incredible amount of errors in Method, 2 of them are making it hard to use the system:


    Anything I do in the screen designer gives an error "Invalid Viewstate" "Referer:". This makes it hard to save or publish a screen after I make changes. I have never seen this error before and it is happening when I copy a standard (stock) screen and try to edit it, and also when I try to edit a custom screen that was working fine last week.


    Most screens (custom or standard) don't load and give an error "We were unable to resolve your request. Either the screen you are trying to access does not exist, or there was a problem with your request." This is not a problem with custom screens incorrectly created because it even happens when I try to open the edit table screen. Refreshing the page allows the screen to load.

    I'm not sure if these 2 errors are related but Method is running extremely slow, causing me to be slightly hypnotized from staring at the spinning circle. I have noticed that these errors are occuring when using Windows (both Chrome and IE browsers) but not when I use Chrome on a linux machine. I thought it might be due to changes in the February version but when I sign in under the October version (most recent fallback-version available) the errors are still present.

  • 02-19-2014 3:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Method Errors

    Hi Mike,

    In regards to Errors 1 & 2, I am not exactly sure what is going on here, this could be an issue with the screens not generating correctly, and possibly the tables.  There is a quick way that you can regenerate specific tables from within Method.  First, double check what tables the screens you are having issues with are based off of.  Once you have the table names, go to Customize->Tables/Fields, edit field each of the tables you need, and after clicking "edit fields", simply press the "Finish Editing Fields" button, this will regenerate each of the tables you do it for.  After you have done this, check out these screens again and see if you can now edit them without receiving the error.

    If you went through the steps of regenerating the tables and you still have this issue, I would advise you to reach out to us in Support to take a closer look at this issue for you.  The best way to do this, would be to first turn on the MethodSupport user.  This can be done by going to Customize->Users, locate the MethodSupport User in the second section, and make sure there is a checkmark in the "Active" column.  After you do this, please send me an email either through the forums, or to, please include your CompanyAccount name, include some screens that have this issue, and contact info so I can reach you after taking a look.

    In regards to your last comment about switching between the February and October versions, there is a possibility this is playing a role, however I would have to take a look at your account before confirming this.  I know before releasing the latest February version we did some in-house testing and didn't seem to have these issues come up.

    You also mentioned some issues with Method's speed, sorry you found the circle sligthly hypnotizing, I kind of agree with you there.  I know we were having some issues earlier today with one of our servers, this was likely the issue of your slow speeds, regardless of the browser you are using.  However, this issue has since been resolved, so hopefully you have found Method to be much faster this afternoon.


  • 02-20-2014 8:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Method Errors

    To any users following this thread,

    We have been in contact with Mike and are looking into these issues he brought up.  We are still unsure what the exact issue here is, I will be doing some testing on this today.  I will post here with any updates we have on these issues.


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    • Matt
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    Re: Method Errors


    I was experiencing problem 2 this morning as well. Certain screens would show that error. One example I can recall is the resolve conflicts screen. It appeared fine at first, but when I clicked the refresh button it showed the error. Refreshing also fixed it in my case. I experienced this while logged in the Feb version. When signed in in the Oct version I haven't had the problem.

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  • 02-20-2014 8:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Method Errors


    Thank you for the additional comments, when I spoke with Mike, he agrees that this seems to be only on February release.  I left that part out of my last post only because I want to replicate this in my own account before I say it is for sure February (not that I don't believe either of you).


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