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Customization Question

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  • 03-04-2014 1:40 PM

    Customization Question

    Hello All,

    We are a service business with several crews on the road each day. Part of our work flow is to send a customer satisfaction survey to our customers via email at the end of each service call. We are currently doing this manually using sogosurvey but ideally, I would like to automate this task when a work order is marked as complete. While I feel I am competent enough learn the how to's needed to tackle such a customization in method I do not do this sort of thing for a living so I am looking for some answers.

    First and foremost, Is such a customization possible? and if so, what are the broad strokes (or more detailed strokes) needed to get it done?

    Thanks in advance,


  • 03-06-2014 9:11 AM In reply to

    Re: Customization Question

    Hi Steve,

    You actually have a few options available to do what you are trying to achieve through Method, so the answer is, yes, this is definitely possible.  The simplest way, would be to add an action to your WorkOrder screen, so that when the work order gets 'saved' after being marked as completed, you will automatically send an email with the attachment of your 'survey'.

    There are other ways you could do this in Method, like create a Method Webform. Your Customers would be able to click a link you would provide them to your web form, they would fill out their comments and then "submit" the web form . When they submit the web form, it would automatically get sent to Method and show up in your database. I provided a link here, describing how to create a "Web-To-Lead" form, however you would have to do some additional customization to create a web form that suites your needs.

    A third option, would be to take advantage of your Contacts Portal, a link to get your started on this is here. You could potential create your own tab in your Contacts Portal where you would place your survery. You could send your Customer an email with a link to your Contacts Portal. Your Customer could then log in to the portal, fill out your survey (which would be automatically entered in Method), they could also view their previous transactions and update their contact info from here.

    If you want, I can lay out some simple steps for my first suggestion, sending an email with an attached form to get you started with that.  If you are looking to do some customization in Method, and aren't really sure where to start, I would advise you to check out our webinar videos on Customization, link here.


  • 03-06-2014 9:32 AM In reply to

    Re: Customization Question

        You can send out emails like this using customization.  There is an Action that you can put on a button called 'Send Email' that will send emails out.  This will give you simple options for an email.     
        You can create an email template (Home -> Email Templates) and use it in the Send Email action.   To incorporate it into the Send Email action, you need to do a couple of things.  First, use a Retrieve Value From Table action to get sections of the email template from the EmailTemplate table.  Most notably for the body of the email.   These values are stored in Action Results. The Action results then can be entered in for each of the email sections that need to be defined in the Send Emails function.  For merge fields, a 'Character Function' can be used to update the merge fields or other fields that need replacing.  
         A good example is in the QuickBooks_Invoice screen.  You can take a look at the steps on the Save & Email button.   There are a lot of actions, but it can give you some guidance.

    - Greg

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