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  • 10-17-2012 8:33 AM


    Does anybody know what this conflict means?

    "QuickBooks returned an error when adding/modifying a accInvoice record. The error was: The item "620D18-1339517496" is placed in the request in incorrect order."

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    Re: Conflict?


    Does anybody know what this conflict means?

    Hi Mark,

    If you Google "is placed in the request in incorrect order" you should get a few hits to help you out on this one.  Possible causes are: 

    1. Debits are listed before credits or vice versa,
    2. You're modifying the same lines multiple times.

    I haven't run into this conflict myself and Google only produced a few hits so I apologize I can't help too much on this one.


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    • l.brandow
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    Re: Conflict?

    Okay, that's helpful... but... how do we fix it? Stick out tongue

    My client is getting these conflics frequently for Sales Orders.

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    Re: Conflict?

    Hi There,

    The reason this conflict typically occurs is because the Line Items on transactions created from other transactions (ie Sales Order > Invoice) are not in the same order.

    For example, I create a Sales Order with line items (A), (B), and (C) in that order. I then create an Invoice directly from this Sales Order, but once it syncs I go in and change the order of the Line items on this Invoice to (B), (A), (C). QuickBooks doesnt like this one bit.

    That being said, there are a number of different reasons why this conflict can occur and this is just the most common of the reasons. I would recommend in your case to give our support line a call at 1.888.925.6238 x 2 and have a supprt rep take a look at this one for you.




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